NVIDIA Corporation Fichiers Dll

Nom de fichier La description
alut.dll OpenAL(TM) Utility Library
AnselSDK64.dll SDK for camera control and capture
APEX_Clothing_Legacy_x86.dll APEX Dynamic Link Library
apex_clothing_x64.dll APEX Dynamic Link Library
APEX_Clothing_x86.dll APEX Dynamic Link Library
APEX_Destructible_Legacy_x86.dll APEX Dynamic Link Library
apex_destructible_x64.dll APEX Dynamic Link Library
APEX_Destructible_x86.dll APEX Dynamic Link Library
apex_legacy_x64.dll APEX Dynamic Link Library
APEX_release.dll APEX Framework Dynamic Link Library
apexframework_x64.dll APEX Dynamic Link Library
apexframework_x86_vc15.dll APEX Dynamic Link Library
ApexFramework_x86.dll APEX Dynamic Link Library
apexframeworkchecked_x64.dll APEX Dynamic Link Library
apexframeworkchecked_x86.dll APEX Dynamic Link Library
apexframeworkprofile_x64.dll APEX Dynamic Link Library
apexframeworkshipping_x86.dll APEX Dynamic Link Library
cg.dll Cg Core Runtime Library
cgD3D9.dll Cg D3D9 Runtime Library
cggl.dll Cg GL Runtime Library
cublas64_10.dll NVIDIA CUDA BLAS Library, Version 10.1.243
cublas64_100.dll NVIDIA CUDA BLAS Library, Version 10.0.130
cublas64_75.dll NVIDIA CUDA BLAS Library, Version 7.5.18
cublas64_90.dll a05476e907c1fcd54693606682aa8f12
cudart.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 2.3
cudart32_30_14.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 3.0.14
cudart32_30_9.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 3.0.9
cudart32_40_12.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 4.0.12
cudart32_40_17.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 4.0.17
cudart32_41_22.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 4.1.22
cudart32_41_28.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 4.1.28
cudart32_42_9.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 4.2.9
cudart32_50_35.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 5.0.35
cudart32_60.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 6.0.37
cudart32_65.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 6.5.19
cudart32_80.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 8.0.61
cudart64_100.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 10.0.122
cudart64_101.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 10.1.243
cudart64_110.dll c25912d53d053412fd58bb7bf0a25c1e
cudart64_40_17.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 4.0.17
cudart64_42_9.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 4.2.9
cudart64_75.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 7.5.18
cudart64_80.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 8.0.61
cudart64_90.dll NVIDIA CUDA Runtime, Version 9.0.176
cudnn64_8.dll dae6bbb218bc4091223a48a97b6eba4b
cufft.dll NVIDIA CUDA FFT Library, Version 2.2
cusparse64_10.dll NVIDIA CUDA SPARSE BLAS Library, Version
DisplayDriverExt.dll Graphics Driver Install Helper
gfesdk.dll SDK for using NVIDIA Share features
gfsdk_aftermath_lib.x64.dll Library aimed at Microsoft Windows based developers, enabling postmortem GPU crash analysis on NVIDIA GeForce based GPUs
gfsdk_gsa.win32.dll NULL
MessageBus.dll NVIDIA Message Bus
nppc64_80.dll NVIDIA CUDA NPPCORE Library, Version 8.0.44
ntphysx_extensions_x86_s.dll PhysXExtensions Dynamic Link Library (EG)
ntphysx_loader_x86_s.dll PhysXLoader Dynamic Link Library
nv4_disp.dll NVIDIA Compatible Windows 2000 Display driver, Version 44.03
nv4.dll NVIDIA Compatible Windows XP Display Driver, Version 12.40.20
nvapi.dll NVIDIA NVAPI Library, Version 426.23
nvapi64.dll NVIDIA NVAPI Library, Version 442.50
nvaudcap32v.dll NVIDIA Virtual Audio Driver
nvaudcap64v.dll NVIDIA Virtual Audio Driver
NvBackendAPI32.dll NVIDIA GeForce Experience Backend API
nvcbl64.dll NVIDIA CBL Driver, Version 431.60
nvcodins.dll NVIDIA Driver CoInstaller
nvcontainertelemetryapi.dll NVIDIA Container Telemetry Helper
nvcpl.dll NVIDIA Display Properties Extension
nvcuda.dll NVIDIA Compatible CUDA Driver, Version 175.16
nvcuvenc.dll NVIDIA CUDA Video Encoder, Version 301.42
nvcuvid.dll NVIDIA CUDA Video Decode API, Version 442.50
nvd3d9wrap.dll NVIDIA d3d9wrap dll, Version 417.35
nvd3dum.dll NVIDIA WDDM D3D Driver, Version 340.52
nvd3dumx.dll NVIDIA WDDM D3D Driver, Version 302.86
nvdisps.dll NVIDIA Display Server
nvdlist.dll NVIDIA shim initialization dll, Version 398.36
nvdlistx.dll NVIDIA shim initialization dll, Version 436.48
nvdxgiwrap.dll NVIDIA dxgiwrap dll, Version 436.48
nvfatbinaryloader.dll NVIDIA Fatbinary Loader, Version 431.60
nvgsa.x64.dll NULL
nvhairworksdx11.win64.dll HairWorks Dx11 Dynamic Link Library
NVI2.dll NVIDIA Install Core
nvi2ui.dll NVIDIA Install UI
nview.dll NVIDIA nView Desktop and Window Manager 61.77
nvimage.dll NVIDIA 3D Vision extention
nvinit.dll NVIDIA shim initialization dll, Version 425.31
nvinitx.dll NVIDIA shim initialization dll, Version 441.66
nvldumd.dll NVIDIA Driver Loader, Version 398.11
nvmctray.dll NVIDIA Media Center Library
nvml.dll NVIDIA Management Library 442.50
nvoglshim64.dll NVIDIA OpenGL Shim Driver, Version 436.48
nvoglv32.dll NVIDIA Compatible OpenGL ICD
nvoglv64.dll NVIDIA Compatible OpenGL ICD
nvopencl.dll NVIDIA CUDA 9.2.127 OpenCL 1.2 Driver, Version 398.11
nvopencl32.dll NVIDIA CUDA 10.1.0 OpenCL 1.2 Driver, Version 436.48
nvopencl64.dll NVIDIA CUDA 10.1.0 OpenCL 1.2 Driver, Version 436.48
nvpmapi.core.win64.dll NvPmApiCore.100
NvQTwk.dll NVIDIA Taskbar Utility Library
nvrtc64_100_0.dll NVIDIA NVRTC Library, Version 10.0.130
nvrtc64_101_0.dll NVIDIA NVRTC Library, Version 10.1.243
nvrtc64_90.dll NVIDIA NVRTC Library, Version 9.0.176
nvscpapi64.dll NVIDIA 3D Vision Control Panel 64bit API