Dll files starting with G

Filename Description
gfsdk_vxgi_x64.dll GFSDK_VXGI_x64.dll
gfsdk_vxgi_x86.dll GFSDK_VXGI_x86.dll
gfsdk_waveworks.dll NULL
gfx_d3d_mp_x86_s.dll NULL
gfx_d3d_x86_s.dll NULL
gfx.dll Microsoft OfficeArt
gfxcore.dll N/A
gfxengine.dll GFXEngine Dynamic Link Library
gfxfilemanager.dll GFXFileManager
gfxshared.dll N/A
gginst.dll N/A
ggponet.dll NULL
ggspawn.dll Garena+ Plugin Host Service
gif89.dll Gif89 Module
glbinding.dll Adobe After Effects CC 2018
glcndFilter.dll Windows Reader
GldData.dll gldData Define & Commands
glew32.dll The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library
glew64.dll The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library
glib-2.0-0.dll GLib
glide.dll 3Dfx Interactive, Inc. Glide DLL
GLIDE2X.DLL 3Dfx Interactive, Inc. Glide DLL
glide3x.dll 3dfx Interactive, Inc. Glide® DLL
glmf32.dll OpenGL Metafiling DLL
Globals.dll N/A
GlobCollationHost.dll GlobCollationHost
globinputhost.dll Windows Globalization Extension API for Input
gltfexporterplugin.dll Adobe Animate
glu32.dll DLL för OpenGL Utility Library
glut32.dll N/A
gmbinaryfile.dll N/A
gmesdk.dll [email protected]
gmp.dll NULL
gmpopenh264.dll N/A
gnsdk_manager.dll Gracenote SDK component
gnu_gettext.dll NULL
gogo.dll NULL
goopdate.dll Google Update
gotrec.dll NULL
gpapi.dll Group Policy Client API
gpedit.dll GPEdit
gpkcsp.dll Gemplus Cryptographic Service Provider
GPKitClt.dll N/A
gpkrsrc.dll Gemplus CSP-resurser (Cryptographic Service Provider)
gpprefcl.dll Group Policy Preference Client
gpprnext.dll Group Policy Printer Extension
gpscript.dll Script Client Side Extension
gpsvc.dll Group Policy Client
gptext.dll GPTExt
gpudetect.dll NULL
gpuDX11.dll N/A
gpuopen_depthoffieldfx_x64.dll NULL
gpupeopssoft.dll P.E.Op.S. gpu soft plugin
GPUPerfAPIDX11-x64.dll GPUPerfAPIDX11
gpupeted3d.dll gpu d3d dx7 plugin
gpupetedx6d3d.dll gpu d3d dx6 plugin
gpupeteopengl2.dll gpuPeteOpenGL2. DLL
grafikrw3.dll NULL
granny2.dll Granny
GraphicData.dll N/A
graphics.dll VirusScan Graphics
graphics2d.dll Graphics 2D
GraphPainter.dll GraphPainter
GrConv.dll Graphic converter
grdvkc32.dll Guardant Autoprotection Dynamic Link Library
gregn50.dll Grid++Report 报表引擎与显示控件
grfinger.dll GrFinger
grintl32.dll Microsoft Office XP component
grooveex.dll Microsoft OneDrive for Business Extensions
groovenew.dll GrooveNew Module
GrooveUtil.dll GrooveUtil Module
Groupinghc.dll Grouping Helper Class
grphmfc.dll N/A
gsdll32.dll N/A
gsdll64.dll N/A
gsdx-sse2-r4600.dll GS plugin for ps2 emulators
gsdx32-avx-r5350.dll GS plugin for ps2 emulators
gsdx32-avx-r5875.dll GS plugin for ps2 emulators
gsdx32-avx.dll GS plugin for ps2 emulators
gsdx32-avx2.dll GS plugin for ps2 emulators
gsdx32-sse2-r5350.dll GS plugin for ps2 emulators
gsdx32-sse2-r5875.dll GS plugin for ps2 emulators
gsplay.dll N/A
GSRoot.dll ArchiCAD 16.0.0 Component
gstore.dll CME II Client Application
gswag32.dll NULL
gswdll32.dll Graphics Server DLL
GtCore.dll Grepotool core library
gtools.dll CME II Client Application
guard32.dll COMODO Internet Security
GuidedHelp.dll Microsoft Guided Help
guitrn_a.dll Transports for GUI
guitrn.dll Transportes para GUI
gutil140.dll fb0839605c7c37e921b2a8a889ed42b3
GvrMgr.dll Process Governor Management DLL
gwrks64.dll GEAR.wrks main dll
gwspeed64.dll NULL
gxoffice2.dll GxOffice2 Module