Dll files starting with P

Filename Description
P1006CLP.dll TODO:
P1006CLS.dll TODO:
P17RunE.dll P17Run Endpoints Dynamic Link Library
p2esocks_1017.dll EGAUTH Module
p2esocks_1022.dll AUTH Module
p2esocks_1041.dll NULL
P2GRC.dll Power2Go resource file
P2P.dll Peer-to-Peer Grouping
P2PBase.dll P2S传输模块
p2pcollab.dll Peer-to-Peer Collaboration
p2pgasvc.dll Peer-to-Peer Group Authentication Service
p2pgraph.dll Peer-to-Peer Graphing
p2pnetsh.dll Peer-to-Peer NetSh Helper
P2PStatReport.dll P2PStatReport
p2psvc.dll Peer-to-Peer Services
p2sp_4th_lib.dll N/A
p3core.dll N/A
p3dengine.dll NULL
p3shared.dll N/A
p5dll.dll Interface to P5Device
pacerprf.dll Microsoft® Windows(TM) PSched Performance Monitor
packager.dll Object Packager2
PackageStateRoaming.dll Package State Roaming
PackDLL.dll N/A
Packet.dll packet.dll (Vista) Dynamic Link Library
padrs404.dll Microsoft IME 2012
padrs411.dll Microsoft IME
padrs412.dll Microsoft IME 2012
padrs804.dll Microsoft IME
paesslerchart.dll Interface DLL between PRTG and ChartDirector
pafcv2.dll pafcv2
paige32.dll Paige32
paintercore64.dll Painter Core Dynamic Link Library
palmdevc.dll Palm OS Handheld Devices USB Class Installer
panmap.dll PANOSE(tm) Font Mapper
paqsp.dll PaqSP Module
parseAuto.dll N/A
parsedvd.dll N/A
parsifal.dll N/A
pasmutility.dll PASMUtility x64
patcher.dll Patcher
PatchExpLib.dll PatchExp Library
PatchMatch.dll Adobe PatchMatch
patchw32.dll N/A
pathengine.dll PathEngine
paul.dll SecuROM PA Unlock DLL for Activate & Play
pautoenr.dll Auto Enrollment DLL
pawnc.dll Pawn Compiler library
pb3dll.dll NULL
pbcore.dll Paquet Builder SFX Core
pbdpl115.dll Sybase Inc. Product File
pbkmigr.dll Microsoft Connection Manager Migration Lib
pbshr100.dll Sybase Inc. Product File
pbshr115.dll Sybase Inc. Product File
pbshr125.dll Sybase Inc. Product File
pbvm100.dll Sybase Inc. Product File
pbvm105.dll Sybase Inc. Product File
pbvm115.dll Sybase Inc. Product File
pbvm120.dll Sybase Inc. Product File
PBVM125.DLL Sybase Inc. Product File
pbvm60.dll Sybase Inc. Product File
pcacli.dll Program Compatibility Assistant Client Module
pcadm.dll Program Compatibility Assistant Diagnostic Module
pcaevts.dll Program Compatibility Assistant Event Resources
pcapwsp.dll ProxyCap Winsock Service Providers
pcasvc.dll Program Compatibility Assistant Service
pcaui.dll Program Compatibility Assistant User Interface Module
pccompat.dll PC Game Compatibility Module
pchshell.dll Microsoft Help Center Shell
pchsvc.dll Microsoft PCHealth Service Holder
pcicapi.dll NetSupport pcicapi
pcidetect.dll pcidetec 动态链接库
PCL5ERES.DLL Драйвер принтера PCL5e
PCL5URES.DLL Драйвер принтера PCL5e
PCLXL.DLL PCL-XL драйвер принтера
PCPKsp.dll Microsoft Platform Key Storage Provider for Platform Crypto Provider
PCPTpm12.dll Microsoft Platform Crypto Provider for Trusted Platform Module 1.2
pcre.dll Pcre: Perl-compatible regular-expression library
pcre3.dll Pcre3: Perlcompatible regularexpression library
pcrelib.dll NULL
pcsvDevice.dll PCSV Proxy Provider for devices
PCTREE32.DLL Creative Controls: Tree/List WIN32 Control
pcwintech_tasksch.dll PcWinTech Task Scheduler
pcwum.dll Performance Counters for Windows Native DLL
pcwutl.dll Program Compatibility Troubleshooter Helper
pdbu3210.dll CD Burning
pdd.dll N/A
pddidx8r.dll Pure3D Device Driver Interface (D3D - DX8)
pdf.dll Chrome PDF Viewer
pdf2image.dll NULL
pdflib.dll PDF import/export
pdfnetc.dll NULL
pdfsettings.dll Adobe PDF Settings Manager
pdfxeditcore.x64.dll PDFXChange Editor Core API
pdfxeditcore.x86.dll PDFXChange Editor Core API
pdfxeditsimple.x86.dll Editor Simple SDK
pdh.dll Windows Performance Data Helper DLL