Dll files starting with P

Filename Description
PrintBrmPs.dll Print Backup Recovery Migration Proxy
printcom.dll Print System COM component host
PrintConfig.dll Пользовательский интерфейс PrintConfig
PrintDialogs.dll N/A
printfilterpipelineprxy.dll Print Filter Pipeline Proxy
PrintIsolationProxy.dll Print Sandbox COM Proxy Stub
PrintManagementProvider.dll Print WMI Provider
printui.dll Print UI DLL
prm0001.dll Microsoft Arabic Natural Language Data and Code
prm0005.dll Microsoft Czech Natural Language Data and Code
prm0006.dll Microsoft Danish Natural Language Data and Code
prm0007.dll Microsoft German Natural Language Data and Code
prm0008.dll Microsoft Greek Natural Language Data and Code
prm0009.dll Microsoft English Natural Language Data and Code
prm000b.dll Microsoft Finnish Natural Language Data and Code
prm000e.dll Microsoft Hungarian Natural Language Data and Code
prm0013.dll Microsoft Dutch Natural Language Data and Code
prm0015.dll Microsoft Polish Natural Language Data and Code
prm0019.dll Microsoft Russian Natural Language Data and Code
prm001f.dll Microsoft Turkish Natural Language Data and Code
prncache.dll Print UI Cache
prnfldr.dll prnfldr dll
prnntfy.dll prnntfy DLL
prntvpt.dll Print Ticket Services Module
procinst.dll Processor Class Installer
ProductHelper.dll Product Helper
ProductStatistics.dll N/A
profapi.dll User Profile Basic API
profext.dll profext
profmap.dll Userenv
profprov.dll User Profile WMI Provider
profsvc.dll ProfSvc
profsvcext.dll ProfSvcExt
propdefs.dll propdefs.dll
propsys.dll Microsoft Property System
protect.dll Host Library
ProtocolFilters.dll Adguard network driver api
prototype2engine.dll N/A
prototypeenginef.dll Prototype Dynamic Link Library
provcore.dll Microsoft Wireless Provisioning Core
provsvc.dll Windows HomeGroup
provthrd.dll WMI Provider Thread & Log Library
ProximityCommon.dll Proximity Common Implementation
ProximityCommonPal.dll Proximity Common PAL
ProximityRtapiPal.dll Proximity WinRT API PAL
ProximityService.dll Proximity Service Implementation
ProximityServicePal.dll Proximity Service PAL
prvdmofcomp.dll WMI
PrxerDrv.dll Proxifier Winsock Layered Service Provider
PS5UI.DLL Пользовательский интерфейс драйвера PostScript
psapi.dll Process Status Helper
psbase.dll Protected Storage default provider
pschdprf.dll Microsoft® Windows(TM) PSched Performance Monitor
PsClikS.dll N/A
pscript5.dll Драйвер принтера PostScript
PSDSCFileDownloadManagerEvents.dll DSC
PSEvents.dll Microsoft PowerShell Crimson log Message Dll
PSHED.DLL Platform Specific Hardware Error Driver
psicon.dll Icons for Adobe Photoshop
psisdecd.dll Microsoft SI/PSI parser for MPEG2 based networks.
PSModuleDiscoveryProvider.dll WMI
psmsrv.dll Process State Manager (PSM) Service
psnppagn.dll DCOM Proxy for NPPAgent Object
pspluginwkr-v3.dll pspluginwkr-v3.dll
pspluginwkr.dll pspluginwkr.dll
pstask.dll pstask Task
pstilldll64.dll pstilldll
pstorec.dll Deprecated Protected Storage COM interfaces
pstorsvc.dll Protected storage server
PSTPRX32.DLL Proxy Store Provider
pthread.dll POSIX Threads for Windows32 Library
pthreadGC2.dll N/A
pthreadVC2.dll POSIX Threads for Windows32 Library
pthreadVCE2.dll MS C++ x86
PTNEdit32.dll phamthuynhan Formated Editor Library
PTNGDI32.dll phamthuynhan GDI System
PTP.dll N/A
ptpusb.dll WIA PTP proxy
ptpusd.dll ISO15740 WIA mini driver
PubLog.dll N/A
Pubole9.dll OLE 2.0 Support DLL
puiapi.dll puiapi DLL
puiobj.dll PrintUI Objects DLL
PurchaseWindowsLicense.dll Purchase Windows License
PuruPuru_Win32.dll N/A
pwlauncher.dll Windows To Go Launcher
pwrshmsg.dll Microsoft PowerShell EventLog Message Dll
pwrshplugin.dll pwrshplugin.dll
pwrshsip.dll Crypto SIP provider for signing and verifying PowerShell script files (.ps1/.ps1xml)
pwsso.dll Windows To Go Shell Service Object
px.dll Px
pxcview.dll Viewer Simple SDK Libary
pxwma.dll PxWMA.dll
python.dll N/A
PYTHON22.DLL Python Core
python23.dll Python Core
python24.dll N/A
python25.dll Python Core