Dll files starting with S

Filename Description
spinf.dll Windows SPINF
splash.dll Splash screen
spmpm.dll MountPointManager Sysprep Plugin
spmsg.dll Service Pack Messages
spnet.dll Net Sysprep Plugin
spnike.dll MDM Device Interface for Nike device.
spoolss.dll Spooler SubSystem DLL
spopk.dll OPK Sysprep Plugin
SpOrder.dll WinSock2 reorder service providers
spp.dll Microsoft® Windows Shared Protection Point Library
sppc.dll Software Licensing Client Dll
sppcc.dll Software Licensing Commerce Client
sppcext.dll Software Protection Platform Client Extension Dll
sppcomapi.dll Software Licensing Library
sppcommdlg.dll Software Licensing UI API
sppinst.dll SPP CMI Installer Plug-in DLL
sppmig.dll SPP migration plug-in DLL
sppnp.dll PnP module of SysPrep
sppobjs.dll Software Protection Platform Plugins
spprgrss.dll Setup Progress Framework
sppuinotify.dll SPP Notification Service
sppwinob.dll Software Protection Platform Windows Plugin
sppwmi.dll Software Protection Platform WMI provider
spr.dll NULL
spra0402.dll Service Pack 1 Messages
sprio600.dll MDM Device Interface for Rio 600 device.
sprio800.dll MDM Device Interface for Rio 800 device.
spsreng.dll Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine
spsrx.dll Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine Extensions
sptip.dll Speech TIP
spttseng.dll SAPI 5
spwinsat.dll WinSAT Sysprep Plugin
spwizeng.dll Setup Wizard Framework
spwizimg.dll Setup Wizard Framework Resources
spwizres.dll Setup Wizard Framework Resources
spwizui.dll SPC Wizard UI
spwmp.dll Windows Media Player System Preparation DLL
spxcoins.dll Specialix MPS NT Upgrade CoInstaller
sqlboot.dll SQL Server Edition Settings Library
sqlcecompact40.dll Database Repair Tool (32-bit)
sqlceme35.dll Managed Extensions (32bit)
sqlceoledb30.dll Microsoft SQL Mobile
sqlceoledb40.dll OLEDB Provider (64-bit)
sqlceqp30.dll Microsoft SQL Mobile
sqlceqp40.dll Query Processor (32-bit)
sqlcese30.dll Microsoft SQL Mobile
sqlcese40.dll Storage Engine (64-bit)
sqlcipher.dll SQLite is a software library that implements a selfcontained, serverless, zeroconfiguration, transactional SQL database engine.
sqlconf.dll SQL Server Configuration Library
sqldmo.dll Distributed Management Objects OLE DLL for SQL Enterprise Manager
sqlite_qt7.dll NULL
sqlite.dll sqlite Dynamic Link Library
sqlite3_extended.dll NULL
SQLite3.dll SQLite3 Dynamic Link Library
sqllib80.dll Oracle Pre-Compiler Library
sqlmmc.dll SQLMMC - SQL Snapin for Microsoft Management Console
sqlmss32.dll Borland Database Engine
sqloledb.dll OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
sqlresld.dll SQL Enterprise Manager Resource DLL Loader
sqlserverspatial110.dll SQL Server Spatial Library
sqlserverspatial140.dll SQL Server Spatial Library
sqlspars.dll SQL Setup
sqlsrv32.dll SQL Server ODBC Driver
sqlsut.dll SQL Setup Utility DLL
sqlunirl.dll String Function .DLL for SQL Enterprise Components
sqlwid.dll Unicode Function .DLL for SQL Enterprise Components
sqlwoa.dll Unicode/ANSI Function .DLL for SQL Enterprise Components
sqlxmlx.dll Microsoft XML extensions for SQL Server
sqmapi.dll SQM Client
sqoras32.dll Oracle ODBC Driver for Windows
Squall.dll N/A
srchadmin.dll Indexing Options
srchui.dll Search Assistant UI
srclient.dll Microsoft® Windows System Restore Client Library
srcore.dll Microsoft® Windows System Restore Core Library
SrEvents.dll SrEvents
SRH.dll Screen Reader Helper DLL
srhelper.dll Microsoft® Windows driver and windows update enumeration library
srloc.dll Microsoft Speech Recognition Locale Handlers
srm_ps.dll Microsoft® FSRM internal proxy/stub
srm.dll Microsoft® File Server Resource Manager Common Library
srmclient.dll Microsoft® File Server Resource Management Client Extensions
srmlib.dll Microsoft (R) File Server Resource Management Interop Assembly
srmscan.dll Microsoft® File Server Storage Reports Scan Engine
srmshell.dll Microsoft® File Server Resource Management Shell Extension
srmstormod.dll Microsoft® File Server Resource Management Office Parser
srmtrace.dll Microsoft® File Server Resource Management Tracing Library
srpapi.dll SRP APIs Dll
SrpUxNativeSnapIn.dll Application Control Policies Group Policy Editor Extension
srrstr.dll Bibliotek för återställningar för Systemåterställning
srsvc.dll Tjänsten System Restore
srt_thumb_provider_x86.dll NULL
srumapi.dll System Resource Usage Monitor API
srumsvc.dll System Resource Usage Monitor Service
srvcli.dll Server Service Client DLL
srvsvc.dll Server Service DLL
srwmi.dll Microsoft® Windows System Restore WMI Provider
ss2wav16.dll NULL
ss32d25.dll NULL