Dll files starting with C

Filename Description
cofiredm.dll Corrupted File Recovery Diagnostic Module
coherentui64.dll Coherent UI A Modern User Interface Library for Games
coieplg.dll coIEPlugIn
colbact.dll COM+
collaboratedb.dll CollaborateDB
coloradapterclient.dll Microsoft Color Adapter Client
COLORCNV.DLL Windows Media Color Conversion
colorspaceconverter.dll Adobe After Effects CC 2019
colorui.dll Microsoft Color Control Panel
comaddin.dll N/A
comadmin.dll COM+ Administration SDK
combase.dll Microsoft COM for Windows
comcat.dll Microsoft Component Category Manager Library
comctl.dll NULL
comctl32.dll Библиотека элементов управления взаимодействия с пользователем
comdlg32.dll Common Dialogs DLL
comfnutl.dll Common Function Utility Library
coml2.dll Microsoft COM for Windows
comm.dll Communications Service
commchannel.dll Avast Communication Channels
commdlg.dll N/A
commig.dll COM+ Migration
commlib.dll CommLib Library
common_application.dll common_application
Common.dll Common interface
commonbase.dll 360软件管家
commonforms.dll Common Forms
commonhelpdll.dll NULL
CommonLib.dll RansomFree CommonLib
commonlibs.dll Common Libs
CommonModule.dll CommonModule
commonui.dll Avast Common UI layer library
commpro.dll NULL
communication.client.dll ArchiCAD 18.0.0 Component
commutil.dll Common Utilities
COMNCTR.DLL Control Center Common Support
CompatProvider.dll DISM Compat Provider
CompatUI.dll Application Compatibility UI Library
comphelpMSC.dll N/A
compluslm.dll Complus Library Manager Package
compobj.dll N/A
compoundplug.dll Sony Compound File Format
CompPkgSup.dll Component Package Support DLL
compstui.dll Common Property Sheet User Interface DLL
computerinfo.dll ComputerInfo Module
computerz2.dll ComputerZ Data2 Library
comrepl.dll COM+
comres.dll COM+ Resources
comsetup.dll COM+ Setup
comsnap.dll COM+ Explorer MMC Snapin
COMSupport.dll COMSuppo Dynamic Link Library
comsvcs.dll COM+ Services
comuid.dll COM+ Explorer UI
concrt140.dll Microsoft® Concurrency Runtime Library
concrt140d.dll Microsoft® Concurrency Runtime Library
config.dll Config Library
ConfigDialog.dll ConfigDialog
ConfigDialogX64.dll ConfigDialog
configurationmanager.dll Configur Dynamic Link Library
ConfigureExpandedStorage.dll ConfigureExpandedStorage
confmrsl.dll NetMeeting Interface Marshaling Library
confmsp.dll Microsoft Medietjänstprovider för IP-konferens
conhostv2.dll Console Window Host
ConnAPI.dll Nokia Connectivity API
connect.dll Get Connected Wizards
ConnectedAccountState.dll ConnectedAccountState.dll
ConsentUX.dll Device Broker Consent Prompt
console.dll Control Panel Console Applet
contab32.dll Outlook Address Book Service
contentserviceres.dll ContentServiceRes Dynamic Link Library
ControllerManager.dll ControllerManager: Controller Management Layer for Test Tools
controls.dll controls dll
converter.dll DCS
converteragentactions.dll NULL
coolcore44.dll COOL Core Component Library
CoolType.dll CoolType Typography Engine
core_rl_bzlib_.dll ImageMagick Studio library and utility programs
core.dll Multi Theft Auto Module
core40.dll Oracle CORE DLL
core82.dll core82
core83.dll core83
CoreAudioToolbox.dll CoreAudio
CoreDll.dll N/A
CoreFoundation.dll CoreFoundation
CoreGraphics.dll CoreGraphics DLL
CorelDrw.dll CorelDRAW(R)
corelocalization.dll NULL
CorelPP.dll Corel PHOTO-PAINT(R)
CoreMedia.dll CoreMedia
CoreMessaging.dll Microsoft CoreMessaging Dll
CoreMmRes.dll General Core Multimedia Resources
coreplugin.dll Garena Core Module
corert.dll NULL
coresync_x64.dll Core Sync
CoreText.dll CoreText.dll
coretypes.dll CoreTypes Dynamic Link Library
coreuicomponents.dll Microsoft Core UI Components Dll
CoreVideo.dll CoreVideo