Dll files starting with C

Filename Description
corona.dll N/A
corpol.dll Microsoft COM Runtime Execution Engine
correngine.dll Correlation Engine
cp3245mt.dll Dynamic Link Run Time Library (VCL MT)
cpanel.dll ATI Display Driver Component
CPFilters.dll PTFilter & Encypter/Decrypter Tagger Filters.
cpprest110_1_3.dll N/A
cpprest140_2_9.dll A Microsoft project for cloudbased clientserver communication in native code using a modern asynchronous C++ API design
cpprest141_2_10.dll A Microsoft project for cloudbased clientserver communication in native code using a modern asynchronous C++ API design
cppu3.dll NULL
cppuhelper3msc.dll NULL
cppunit_dll.dll NULL
cprip80.dll NULL
cps.dll N/A
cptumar.dll Криптопровайдер Tumar CSP
cpuinf32.dll N/A
CpuPerf.dll N/A
cr80_q3d.dll UserGenerated Microsoft (R) C/C++ Runtime Library
crashhandler.dll Steam Crash Handler Library
CrashHook.dll CrashHook
crashhunter_pc3.dll NULL
crashreport.dll Crash Report Module
crashreporter.dll CrashReporter
CrashRpt.dll N/A
crashrpt1300.dll Crash Handling Module
CrashRpt1301.dll Crash Handling Module
CrashRpt1402.dll Crash Handling Module
crashrpt1403_x64.dll Crash Handling Module
CrashRpt1403.dll Crash Handling Module
crashtrace.dll Crash Helper Solution
craxddrt.dll Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer Design and Runtime Support
craxdrt.dll Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer Runtime Support
crclient.dll Adobe Crash Reporter Client DLL
crdb_adoplus.dll Crystal Reports database driver for Microsoft ADO.NET
crdciv.dll Civ
CredentialMigrationHandler.dll Credential Migration Handler
credssp.dll TS Single Sign On Security Package
credui.dll Credential Manager User Interface
crlboxinfo.dll NULL
crlcmnmappedres.dll Corel Common Mapped Resource DLL (64Bit)
crlcmnres110.dll Corel Common Resource DLL
crlconfig.dll CrlConfig library (64Bit)
crlds3d.dll Sensaura 3D driver llibrary
crlfeaturemanagement.dll CrlFeatureManagement Library (64Bit)
CRLI18N.dll Globalization Utilities Library
crlpref.dll Corel Preferences Engine (64Bit)
CrlUtils.dll Base utility library
crlutl.dll Common Utilities Library
crpe32.dll Crystal Reports Print Engine
CRPPresentation.dll Conference Room Projector : Presentation
crtdll.dll Microsoft C Runtime Library
crtslv.dll TSLV Reader
cruflqrcode5.dll Morovia QRCode UFL for Crystal Reports
crviewer.dll Crystal Report Viewer
crviewer9.dll Crystal Report Viewer
CryD3DCompilerStub.dll D3D shader compiler stub
cryfont.dll NULL
CryInput.dll N/A
CryNetwork.dll N/A
CryOnline.dll CryOnline
CryPhysics.dll N/A
crypt.dll Crypt.dll
crypt32.dll 32-bitars kryptografi-API
cryptbase.dll Base cryptographic API DLL
cryptcatsvc.dll Cryptographic Catalog Services
cryptdlg.dll Microsoft Common Certificate Dialogs
cryptdll.dll Cryptography Manager
cryptext.dll Crypto Shell Extensions
cryptnet.dll Crypto Network Related API
crypto.dll SysSSL
cryptopp.dll Crypto++® Library DLL
cryptopp562.dll Crypto++ Library DLL
CryptoWinRT.dll Crypto WinRT Library
cryptsp.dll Cryptographic Service Provider API
cryptsvc.dll Cryptographic Services
crypttpmeksvc.dll Cryptographic TPM Endorsement Key Services
cryptui.dll Microsoft Trust UI Provider
cryptuiwizard.dll Microsoft Trust UI Provider
cryptxml.dll XML DigSig API
CryRenderD3D10.dll N/A
cryrenderd3d11.dll NULL
CryRenderD3D9.dll N/A
crystaldecisions.crystalreports.engine.dll Crystal Reports 11
CrySystem.dll N/A
csamsp.dll Microsoft CSA MSP
CSAPI3T1.DLL Microsoft CSAPI Converter (v3 to v1)
cscapi.dll Offline Files Win32 API
cscdll.dll Offline Files Temporary Shim
CscMig.dll Microsoft Offline Files Migration Plugin
CscMigDl.dll Microsoft Offline Files Migration Plugin
cscobj.dll In-proc COM object used by clients of CSC API
cscomp.dll Visual C# Compiler
cscompmgd.dll cscompmgd.dll
cscsvc.dll CSC Service DLL
cscui.dll Client Side Caching UI
cseavchd.dll Grass Valley AVC Decoder
CSERHelper.dll Debug Helper Routines
CShell.dll N/A
csiagent.dll CSI Agent
CSMediaLib.dll N/A