Dll files starting with M

Filename Description
mscordbc.dll Microsoft .NET Runtime Debugging Services Controller
mscordbi.dll Microsoft .NET Runtime Debugging Services
mscoree.dll Microsoft .NET Runtime Execution Engine
mscoreei.dll Microsoft .NET Runtime Execution Engine
mscorees.dll Microsoft .NET Runtime Execution Engine
mscorie.dll Microsoft .NET IE MIME Filter
mscorier.dll Ресурсы IE для исполняющей среды Microsoft .NET
mscories.dll Microsoft .NET IE SECURITY REGISTRATION
mscorjit.dll Microsoft .NET Runtime Just-In-Time Compiler
mscorld.dll Microsoft Remote object loader
mscorlib.DLL Microsoft Common Language Runtime Class Library
mscormmc.dll Microsoft .NET Runtime Execution Engine Starter for MMC
mscorpe.dll Microsoft .NET Runtime PE File Generator
mscorrc.dll Recursos en temps d'execució de Microsoft .NET
mscorsec.dll Microsoft .NET Security module
mscorsn.dll Microsoft .NET Strong Name Support
mscorsvc.dll .NET Runtime Optimization Service
mscorsvr.dll Microsoft .NET Runtime Common Language Runtime Server
mscortim.dll Unmanaged code to assist CLR Admin tool
mscorwks.dll Microsoft .NET Runtime Common Language Runtime - WorkStation
mscpx32r.dLL ODBC Code Page Translator Resources
mscpxl32.dLL ODBC Code Page Translator
msctf.dll MSCTF Server DLL
msctfmig.dll msctfmig Server DLL
MsCtfMonitor.dll MsCtfMonitor DLL
msctfp.dll MSCTFP Server DLL
msctfui.dll MSCTFUI Server DLL
msctfuimanager.dll Microsoft UIManager DLL
msdadc.dll OLE DB Data Conversion Stub
msdadiag.dll Built-In Diagnostics
msdaenum.dll OLE DB Root Enumerator Stub
msdaer.dll OLE DB Error Collection Stub
msdaipp.dll Microsoft Data Access Component Internet Publishing Provider
msdaora.dll OLE DB Provider for Oracle
msdaorar.dll OLE DB Provider for Oracle Resources
msdapml.dll Microsoft Data Access Component Internet Publishing Provider Multilang DLL
msdaprsr.dll Microsoft Data Access OLE DB Persistence Services Resources
msdaps.dll Microsoft Data Access OLE DB Interface Proxies/Stubs
msdarem.dll OLE DB Remote Provider
msdart.dll Microsoft Data Access - OLE DB Runtime Routines
msdasc.dll OLE DB Service Components Stub
msdasql.dll OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers
msdasqlr.dll Microsoft Data Access OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers Resources
msdatasrc.dll NULL
msdatl2.dll Microsoft OLE DB Implementation support library
msdatl3.dll OLE DB Implementation Support Routines
msdatt.dll OLE DB Temporary Table Services
msdaurl.dll OLE DB RootBinder Stub
msdbrpt.dll Microsoft Data Report ActiveX Designer DLL Version 6.0 (SP4)
msdbrptr.dll Microsoft Data Report Runtime DLL Version 6.0 (SP4)
msdelta.dll Microsoft Patch Engine
msderun.dll Microsoft Data Environment Runtime
msdfmap.dll Data Factory Handler
msdia80.dll Microsoft® Debug Information Accessor
msdmeng.dll Microsoft Data Mining Engine
msdmine.dll Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Data Mining Services
msdmo.dll DMO Runtime
msdri.dll Microsoft Digital Receiver Interface Class Driver
msdrm.dll Windows Rights Management client
msdt.dll Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool
msdtckrm.dll MS DTCOLE Transactions KTM Resource Manager DLL
msdtclog.dll Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator Log Manager DLL
msdtcprx.dll Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator OLE Transactions Interface Proxy DLL
msdtcstp.dll Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator Migration DLL
msdtctm.dll Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator Transaction Manager DLL
msdtcuiu.dll MS DTC administrative component DLL
msdtcVSp1res.dll DTC Resources for Vista SP1
msdtcwmi.dll DTC WMIv2 Provider
msdxmlc.dll Windows Media Player
msencode.dll N/A
msenv.dll Development Environment DLL
msenv100p.dll Visual Studio Proxy 10.0
msesysprep.dll Microsoft Security Essentials Sysprep Module
msexch40.dll Microsoft Jet Exchange Isam
msexcl40.dll Microsoft Jet Excel Isam
msfeeds.dll Microsoft Feeds Manager
msfeedsbs.dll Microsoft Feeds Background Sync
msfl11.dll MSFL11
msfl651.dll MSFL651
msftedit.dll Rich Text Edit Control, v7.5
MsgBoxDll.dll N/A
msgina.dll Inloggnings-GINA för Windows NT
msgr3en.dll Microsoft English Natural Language Server
msgr3fr.dll Microsoft French Natural Language Server
MSGR3GE.DLL Microsoft German Grammar Checker
msgres32.dll Lernout & Hauspie Grammatik Engine (ES)
msgrfr32.dll Lernout & Hauspie Grammatik Engine (FR)
MSGRGE32.DLL Lernout & Hauspie Grammatik Engine (DE)
msgrocm.dll Windows Messenger OC Manager PlugIn
msgsc.dll Windows Live Messenger
msgslang.dll Windows Live Messenger Language Specific Resources
msgsvc.dll NT Messenger Service
mshtml.dll Microsoft (R) HTML Viewer
MshtmlDac.dll DAC for Trident DOM
mshtmled.dll Microsoft® HTML Editing Component
mshtmler.dll Microsoft® HTML Editing Component's Resource DLL
mshtmlmedia.dll Microsoft (R) HTML Media DLL
MSHWCHTRIME.dll Microsoft Chinese (Traditional) Handwriting Data
mshwjpnrIME.dll Microsoft Japanese Handwriting Data
mshwkorrIME.dll Microsoft Korean Handwriting Data